Sunday, October 28, 2012

:: i have graduated!! ::

Assalamualaikum peeps :)

how's everything going?
ok, to me everything is great and work according to the plan *yes,for the time being!* 

as the title above, oh yes!!i have graduated!!heheee yes i've settled my degree program, and now i have graduated from my DPLI programme, and insyaAllah very soon to be a teacher..

yep!!that is my ambition since i was a child :) ibu said, when i was a child, i used to scribble favourite spot was the wall!!hahaa the victim was my nenek room's wall..she had that thing called bedak sejuk,and what i did was i took the bedak sejuk, and i used that to write on the wall as if it is a CHALK!!creative enough isnt it?hahahaa never under estimate the child's imagination..the funniest thing on that time was, everyone who came in to her room will ask her "siapa conteng ni nek?ni mesti cita2 nak jadi cikgu ni..." and nenek just said "ni keje nana la ni...ada tu cucu nenek yg perempuan tu..dia memang gini,abes dinding dicontengnya,bercakap sorang2 mcm mengajar" oh ya,my nenek is tukang urut :) that's why akan ada orang masuk bilik dia :)

that was my childhood story regarding my ambition to be a teacher..and when i was a child, i was an indoor child, i didnt play outside, i didnt climb up the trees, and i didnt play baling selipar or kejar2..pathetic right?but that was the true side of me, that is why i am not that good in running and doing outdoor activities..i am more towards "mak-mak", "masak-masak", "cikgu-cikgu" and "ofis-ofis" soooooooo indoor and annoying right!!hahahaa and my friend will only last playing with me for 1 hour only!!they'll get bored very soon..but not me!!cos i felt great playing those games!!hahaahaa *and i called them games?duhhh!!*

But after all, that was my childhood time...and i pray to Allah,He will ease everything for me and my that we can teach in the school very soon :) and become the good teacher one day insyaAllah :)

till then peeps, bye..Assalaam :)

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